Old Group Photos

This page is intended to display group photos mainly taken prior to 1970. If you have any that you would like displayed, please email in JPEG format.

*** Please tell me if you know any names ***

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tn_Hallside7.jpg (3469 bytes)
tn_ladiesnightout.jpg (2142 bytes)
Donated by Tommy McSorley
Kings Cres

(Ed Boyle is second right)
tn_NOV6.jpg (2085 bytes)
Park St
tn_morrison street follies.jpg (2747 bytes)
Morrison St Follies
Kings Cres

tn_Protest.jpg (3522 bytes)


tn_Unknown2.jpg (3288 bytes)
Kirkhill early 1940s
Taken by the railway wall, just at the bend at the bottom of the hill and along the road a little further, it was near enough on the road opposite the point where the ‘drinking fountain’ was in the children’s playground
tn_ASailUpLochLomond.jpg (1512 bytes)
Donated by Anne Flannigan
(nee Currie)
Sep 2002
tn_FabulousFashions.jpg (2260 bytes)
Donated by Anne Flannigan
(nee Currie)
Sep 2002
tn_st.charlesnewtoncupwinners1961.jpg (3292 bytes)
St Charles 1961

Donated by
Janette Carroll,
June 2002

tn_Kimbosideone.jpg (3543 bytes)
The 'Kimbos'
Early 1960s?
Donated by
Anne Flannagan
Dec 02
tn_StCadocsFootballTeam1964.jpg (3209 bytes)
St Cadoc's Football Team 1964/65

Donated by Brendan Cunningham
tn_StCadocs1960.jpg (3561 bytes)
St Cadocs 1960

Donated by Brendan Cunningham

tn_217bb.jpg (2826 bytes)
Boys Brigade

Donated by Morag McKinlay Apr 2002

tn_olhs5758.jpg (3875 bytes)
Our Lady's High
(class 2b)1957/58

Donated by David Kelly Jan 2003

The boy top row last in the line right hand side is my late brother Frank (Francis) Garrity.  (Margaret Sep 13)

tn_pipe.jpg (2929 bytes)
Donated by
Morag McKinlay
Feb 2003

tn_ria gb.jpg (2610 bytes)
Donated by
Morag McKinlay
Feb 2003
tn_Caledonian Circuit1951 52.jpg (2636 bytes)
Donated by
Morag McKinlay
Feb 2003

tn_JimandHarry.jpg (1102 bytes)
Jim Houston
Harry Kerr

tn_Drunkengroup.jpg (2642 bytes)
Hugh Watters, Jimmy Cunningham, Jim Houston, Joe Early, Charlie McLaughin

tn_Jimplus2.jpg (1253 bytes)
Jim Houston,Jim Clark,Ian Richardson

59th Glasgow Cub Packtn_CubPack1.jpg (3036 bytes)tn_CubPack2.jpg (3870 bytes)      tn_CubPack3.jpg (3049 bytes)
Donated by Robert Armstrong April 2003
tn_Scan0004.jpg (3096 bytes)
Charlie Harty
Harry Murdoch
Tommy Docherty
Jim Houston
Billy Thomson

Bus trip from Joe Dorman's cafe - to Ayr
circa 1962.
Donated by Jim Houston
May 03


5 Photographs
donated by Leslie (Lee) McGillan -
May 2003, 
showing people who lived on Park Street in the 1950s

2 pics donated by Morag McKinlay - Aug 2003

The first one is two of the girls who were members of the Cambuslang Ladies Caledonian Pipe Band around 1945. The piper is Ria Flockhart (my mum) and the other girl is Marion Edgar who took over the big drum from Barbara Brew.

The next photo is of the Rev and Mrs Sillers celebrating 40 years of Mr Sillers being Minister at Flemington Church. Charlie Kerr is behind them, and was Session Clerk at the time.

tn_LangsCafe.jpg (5052 bytes)
Back hall of Lang's cafe famous for it's hot peas. The photo was taken in the early 50's. The cafe was situated before the co-op at the terminus. Bert Dennistoun is far left hand corner in the white shirt. Everybody in the photo came from 30-32-34 Church st. last three closes.

Donated by Liz Houston Nov 03
Click to see Terminus Cafe



tn_Hooverettes.jpg (2358 bytes)
Hooverettes FC Ladies football at Redford Barracks. The winning team 14 Oct 1965

(3rd from the left is my aunt Ann McBride. We lost touch many many years ago. I often wonder if she is well and still living in Cambuslang.
George McBride July 2014)

See other photo dated
6 Nov 1967

The following 3 photos were donated by Pete McKenna Oct 2003. They show members of the Halfway Miners Welfare. Anyone know names and the date taken?

tn_welfare1.jpg (3547 bytes)

tn_welfare2.jpg (3799 bytes)

tn_welfare3.jpg (3973 bytes)


The following photos were donated by Counciller Davids Keirs - November 2003

tn_Apron.jpg (4723 bytes)
My Great Grandfather James Ross of Kirkhill in the Master's regalia of either,
The Order of The Good Templars
or of The Ancient and Free Gardners. The Gardners Hall was across the brae from the Toll House.

tn_cooppeople.jpg (5085 bytes)
The Joint Board of Management of the newly amalgamated Gilbertfield and Cambuslang Industrial Co-op Societies to form Cambuslang and District Co-op Society March 1958.
Top L-R- Hugh Porte, unknown, Peter G. Brownlie JP, -------------,-----------------,
Hugh Simpson, Duncan Smeaton. Bottom L-R- Robert Livingston (accountant), Claude Mc Kendrick,
Tom Russell ( Managing Secretary), James Walker JP (Chair), Mr. Keenan, Jock Cook, Sam Thomson.

tn_GatesidePit.jpg (5245 bytes)
Brushers at Gateside Pit.  My grandfather William Keirs is the young man with the clay pipe and holding
a horse coller.

tn_newtoncoop.jpg (5458 bytes)
Gilbertfield Co-op Premises Newton Village, 1934. On Newton Brae across from the Old Newton Arms.

tn_shop1.jpg (3273 bytes)
Toll House  great aunt and uncle "James and Elizabeth Cairns " early 1900s The shop was renowned for it's candy balls commonly known as "Pea Willie's Candy "

tn_shop2.jpg (3219 bytes)
The Old Toll House, great aunt  Elizabeth Cairns and her son James " known as wee JIMSIE "Note the Halloween window display.

tn_toll.jpg (4022 bytes)
The Old Toll House " as you can see I own the original "

tn_gatesideschool1954.jpg (5141 bytes)
Gateside JS School, Infants Class 1952-1953. Second row from bottom, my cousin Betty Bell.

tn_eastwoodview.jpg (3552 bytes)
Donated by
Christine O'Rourke
May 05

Coronation 1953
This is a picture given to me by our neighbours Jim and Nancy McNicol who have lived in Eastwood View Westburn for a good number of years. In the picture is Jim himself and his sister my mum Christine Roberston and her sisters Isobel and Jenny Robertson. The others include the surnames Malone, Gillespie, Prentice. I am terrible at remembering names but please add any names if you know them

tn_tennisteam.jpg (3821 bytes)
This is a photo taken at Halfway Tennis Club around 1954.  They are left to right

J.Stewart, M.Sneddon (me), A.Keith, H.Jack, B.Stewart, I.Rankin.

I think I am the only one still playing competitive tennis, playing at Bishopton Tennis Club.

I have lost track of Betty and Janice (sisters), Annette still lives in Halfway, Helen (my sister-in-law) lives in Stonehaven and Ina last heard was in East Kilbride.  She was married to Campbell Rankin who was one of the people who helped to get the club off the ground. Does anyone remember us?

Margaret Jack

tn_halfwaytennisclub.jpg (3100 bytes)

Tennis Sat. August 25, 1951
S.Storie, J.McLean, B.Stewart, B.Smith, M.Sneddon, B.Smith,J.Hogg, A.Mitchell,C.Bunyan, D.McLauren, M.Nimmo, T.Rankin

tn_BBBand.jpg (3592 bytes)
BB. Band date 1948/49
T.Marshall, C.Black, J.Miller, R.Sneddon, R.Donaldson, I Ballantine, S.Fleming, A.Jack, A.Muir, B.Simmons, B.Smith, A.Jamieson, B.Dobbins, M.Magowan, G.McGregor, B.Stevenson, T.Stannage

Donated by Margaret Jack - July 2005

tn_Coronation.jpg (4025 bytes)
Taken in 1953 at the coronation.  The man in the back was an American visitor who threw a party in the back court for those who weren't yet in school.  The women are: Mrs Meredith, Russell, McKendrick, Hunter, Pender and George and various children from the corner of Church St/Park St. 
Marylen Lang (nee Russell)

Note from George Farquhar Aug 2013


tn_CastleCres.jpg (3678 bytes)
Donated by Liz Houston Nov 03

taken in 1957 in my front garden at 57 Castle Crescent Halfway prefebs

tn_Hooverparty1.jpg (4471 bytes)
Hoover Party 1950s
Donated by
Liz Houston Mar 04


tn_Hoover Party.jpg (6461 bytes)
Hoover Party 1940s
Donated by Archie Edmond Dec 2012

He says "it was taken in the early forties,I think every kid in cambuslang is in the picture as all the mothers worked in the hover making shells for the war effort".

tn_Hooverparty2.jpg (5225 bytes)
Another Hoover Party 1950s

Donated by
Liz Houston Mar 04

tn_FiremanDunsmuir.jpg (3377 bytes)
I thought you may be interested in the attached photograph.
My father, David Dunsmuir, was a fireman at the station in Church Street in the 1950's.
The attached photograph shows him outside the station with his fire engine.
We lived straight across the road from the fire station at No 30 Church Street.
My dad is still alive & kicking, aged 90, in Cathkin Braes.
Perhaps some of the web site visitors may remember him.
Gordon Dunsmuir.
June 2004

tn_coronationdaynewtondunlopstreet.jpg (3542 bytes)
My mother in law, Mary O'Rourke, lent me this photo of the coronation day 1953 in Dunlop Street Newton. She is at the front with my father in law, Teddy O'Rourke, who is no longer with us. I know a lot of people will know sorry to hear that. I don't know anyone else, maybe someone will recognise themselves or someone they know.
Christine O'Rourke, June 2004

tn_wedding.jpg (4388 bytes)
This is a picture of Andy Lithgow & Monica Flannigan's wedding about 1957, I am front row left (Beatrice Lennox) other names I know of are Tommy Lennox Anna Lithgow Annie Wilson Stewart Lithgow Stella Lennox Samuel McCollum Annie Lennox James Lithgow,most of them lived in Caledonian circuit


tn_RedpathTeam.jpg (3126 bytes)
Redpath Dorman Long football team circa1967/8

Back row: John Fitzpatrick; Robt. McGhee; Charlie Doyle; Willie Hall; John Smith; John Gallacher

Front row: Arthur Bishop; James Devine; Benny Painter; Robt.Davie; Davy Glen;
Donated by Andrew Weir Jan 06

tn_HallsideYouthClub.jpg (3271 bytes)
Hallside Youth Club

Donated by Andrew Weir Jan 06

tn_HalfwayDistrictLadyMembers.jpg (3687 bytes)
Donated by
Margaret Hearty Mar 06

Ladies section of the Halfway Bowling Club, my mother (Greta Rankin) is on the far left and my gran (Emily Rankin) is the 5th from the right both on the front row.



tn_BB St Andrews.jpg (3355 bytes)
St Andrews 1948

Donated by
Wally Jaap -
April 2010

4 photos Donated by Robert Allison Jun 06

He says "Sorry, have forgotten all the other names.  Perhaps someone can oblige."

tn_BB2.jpg (3443 bytes)
Officers of the 199th Company Boys Brigade, Morriston Company year 1955/56.

Standing Back Row: ?? - ?? Staff Sgt Alister MacAllister, Lifeboys Officer Margaret ?. Staff Sgt John MacKinnon. Lt Robert Allison. Pipe Major Duncan Macdermid.

Front Row. Lt Neil McIntosh. Lt James Jamieson. John Ferris Church Minister, Captain Edward  Nugent. Alex Mitchell Church Elder, Lt Frank Riddell, Lt Russell Nugent..



tn_BB3.jpg (3793 bytes)
Photo of the 199th Company Boys’ Brigade Morriston Church 1955/56

Front row sitting from left of photo: Staff Sgt. John MacKinnon, Lieutenant Russell Nugent, Lifeboys Officer Margaret? Lt Neil McIntosh, Lt. James Jamieson, John Ferris Church Minister, Captain Edward Nugent, Alex Mitchell Church Elder, Lt. Frank Riddell, Pipe Major Duncan Macdermid, Lt. Robert Allison (me) and Staff Sgt. Alister MacAllister

tn_BB4.jpg (4682 bytes)
229th Company Boys' Brigade

Second row down fifth in from left Cpl. Brownlee, who later became Captain of the Company.
Third row down sitting, fourth in from left Captain George Sinclair on his left Rutherglen District Convener Mr Henderson and on his left (me) Lieutenant Robert Allison company 2ic and District Adjutant.

tn_BB1.jpg (3427 bytes)
229th Boys' Brigade photo taken in 1960 at prize giving. First on left Sergeant Bremner,  Mrs Sinclair.  Captain G. Sinclair and
Lt R. Allison.


tn_199thBoysBrigadePipeBand1956.jpg (3413 bytes)
Donated by Margaret Close
Nov 07

Pipe Band 199th Company Boys Brigade. 1955/56:

 Back Row Left to Right. 
Pipe Major Duncan Macdermid Snr, Duncan Macdermid Jnr.  ?  ?  -  ?  ?   Lt Robert Allison.  ?  ? –  ?   ? -  ?  ?  Staff Sgt John MacKinnon.

 Sorry I don‘t know any other names, Hope this helps. 

Margaret Close.


Hi Ed Brand new to this game and you will probably know these names by now as the photo was posted in 2007 by a very old friend MARGARET CLOSE of the 199th BB band.

The first two back row L to R are her father and brother, next is JACK YUILLE, JIM FERGUSON, RUSSELL NUGENT, ALEX GRIFFIN, IAN MCKENDRICK, unknown, JOHN MCKINNON

I have no email for Margaret but would like to contact her although its been 57 years since any contact.and she may not wish to.
All the best Willie Primrose - Feb 2014


tn_199th Boys Brigade Pipe Band in Church St.jpg (5485 bytes)
199th Boys Brigade Pipe Band in Church St...Nr Morriston Church.
Front Row J. McKinnon, Bert Russell. Jack Ferguson (Now in New Zealand) Pipe Major Duncan McDermid (Family In Australia) Tom McPherson. Maybe Jack Yuill at back. Wish it was more clear.

Taken in 50s and.
Donated by Margaret McKinnon - June 2013

tn_199th Lifeboy Trip to Troon 1955.jpg (6000 bytes)
Donated by
Margaret McKinnon
Aug 2013

Templeton family from Cambuslang

This selection of photos was donated by Douglas Torrance Aug 2014.



tn_Burnside cafe.jpg (3561 bytes)
Burnside Cafe
Donated Dec 09

Found this group photograph sitting outside the old Burnside cafe from early seventies.

From left to right.

Dennis Henderson, Lewis McKenzie, John McLaughlin, Dick McLaughlin and myself Jim Gray

tn_clydebridgeunited.jpg (3994 bytes)
Taken arround 1961. Clydebridge United football team. Top row: Pat Docherty, Bill Gray, Ronnie Mc Kinnon  ?   ?  William Thompson, Jim Allardyce  ?     ?  Chris Fletcher, Docherty

Donated by Jim Allardyce Dec 06

tn_Galbraiths.jpg (4930 bytes)

The staff at Galbraith's Stores in Cambuslang Main Street photographed 1958-9.

Donated by Pete McKenna Jan 08

In spite of the compact size, the staff of TEN operated the first self-service in Cambuslang. My workmates from left to right are : Martha Brownlee, Betty Shearer, Mary McLaughlin, John Leighton, Michael Mone, Betty Thomson, Margaret Gartshore/Keary ? me, Pete McKenna.
Margaret Lappin and the Boss-man, manager Jimmy Johnston.

tn_MysteryFaces.jpg (1635 bytes)
Gateside School 1950s

Does anyone know them?

Some answers



tn_Ayr Races.JPG (5390 bytes)
Ayr Race Course
Top Left.....
Plum Walker,Toad Wallace,?,George Baker,?,Lawrie Mills,Davie Cook,?,Tom Mills,Jackie Whitten
Donated by
George Baker Feb 2013

tn_alices photo newton.jpg (6528 bytes)
Taken around 1950sh in St Charles Newton maybe at a St Patricks Night.

A few people: Might be Mrs Fitzpatrick from Kings Cres up in right hand corner near window. Two of her daughters may be in the middle next to the priests right arm Teresa and Mary. Also down in left hand corner may be Bella ? not sure of her own name but known as Bella Conner. also next to the fitzpatrick girls may be a Mrs McIlhinney. anyway hope some one might come up with some names

Donated by Mrs Margaret Mckenna  May 2013


Following photos donated by Colin Hough Aug 04

tn_CambuslangRangers.jpg (3909 bytes) tn_CastleCrescentprefab.jpg (3749 bytes) tn_File0060.jpg (5367 bytes)

tn_TheKosmiks.jpg (5385 bytes)
Coloured by
David Kelly Jan 07

tn_TheKosmiks2.jpg (5434 bytes)

tn_prefabinteriorCastleCrescent.jpg (4167 bytes)

tn_WinterCastleCrescent.jpg (5715 bytes) tn_Cambuslangsupporters.jpg (4264 bytes)    

Following 2 photos donated my Tom McSorley Jan 2010

tn_Ciw2.jpg (3495 bytes)
Clyde Iron Works early 1960s
This photo  was taken in the early 1960 in front of number 2 blast furnace. There are a few Carmyle boys in it.
left to right - P Dillon, S Turner, T McSorley, Spud Thomson, O Breen, J Hains, JMC Corrmack, J Grahamm trainee.? R Mcdonald, J White, G Roagan.

tn_Kings Cres with children.jpg (3161 bytes)
Kings Cres 1969

tn_Salvation Army Colebroke St.jpg (6064 bytes)
Cambuslang SA band 1953, outside hall in Colebroke St


Back row : Bill Nisbet, Gordon Dinnie, Willie Dawson, Duncan Dawson Snr,
Hugh Dawson, Ruthven Hart, Major John Mitchell, Bandmaster Gordon Dinnie Snr, Mrs Mitchell, Archie McGeogh Snr, Willie Stevenson, Willie Dinnie,
Hugh Dawson Jnr, John McGeogh.

Seated: Margaret Craig, Jimmy Black, Duncan Dawson Jnr, Archie McGeogh Jnr, Jean Dawson.

Donated by Bill Nisbet Sep 2010

Following photos donated by Ann McPherson (Nee Hobbs) Sep 2010 - School trip on Maid of the Loch 1957

tn_Gateside Ann 6.jpg (5839 bytes)
Mr Finlayson in middle & two other teachers
. Mr Finlayson was a true gentleman. One of the best teachers we had, I've never forgotten him.

tn_Gateside Ann 5.jpg (5717 bytes)
Teachers on Maid of the Loch
This was Miss Hamilton Miss Smillie in Middle and Miss Marshall. I remember Miss Smillie most of all , Music Teacher. Remember she always had her make up on (What a woman)

tn_Gateside Ann 4.jpg (5887 bytes)
This was Rae Paterson on the Maid of the loch school trip.

tn_Gateside Ann 3.jpg (5328 bytes)
Me Ann Hobbs on left, Fiona Plunket in middle and Ray Paterson, Having a great time on the Maid of the Loch trip up Loch Lomond.

tn_Gateside Ann 1.jpg (4813 bytes)
Meta McPhie Ray Paterson Fiona Plunkett Rita McCartney Betty Irons and sailor having a great time on Maid of the Loch


Donated By David Turbitt Oct 2010  

tn_207 B.B. Glasgow Company_NEW.jpg (3729 bytes)

Here is the photograph of the 207th Company The Boy's Brigade.
Taken at the Company Display in the Cambuslang Institute 8th May 1953.
I have also included the names as far as I can remember from that time, they are.
Two Boys in front, not known
Front Row Left to Right, Willie Dawson, George Kerr, George Sinclair, Rev Alexander, Company Captain, Robert Telford, Inspecting Officer, ?, Jimmy McKinnon, George Glencorse.
Second Row, L to R, ?, martin Telford, ? John Chalmers, ?, Willie Goldie, Tom Kerr, Ronnie Lindsay, ?, ?, ? Glencorse. ?, ?.
Third Row L to R, David Turbitt, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? Kerr, Harry Horne.
This is the extent of my recollection of names.


tn_Sheena McDonald.jpg (3525 bytes)

I got this photo from John's cousin Jack McKinnon, who was married to the late Sheena McDonald. She is sitting on the right hand side of the group (white shoes on) Sheena came from Kings Crescent, born February 1934, and had an older brother Henry, and a sister Anna who died in her teens. Her Dad's name was Willie McDonald A very popular Cambuslang worthy, who worked with my Dad in Clyde Iron Works. The McDonalds lived in the first right hand corner of the Crescent beside the Burnett family. I think this could be a Hoover Company night out. I know the faces of another two of the girls. It is annoying me that I can't remember their names.

Sheena worked in the canteen office and as far as I know she was at the till to take the payments for the food, so was very well known in the Hoover as well as Cambuslang, Sadly she died in Kent in 1999, after a long illness. Jack has another two photos to send me, I will get them to you when he does.

Kind Regards
Margaret McKinnon 2 Nov 2010.


Hi Ed

Regarding Margaret McKinnon’s latest photo of Sheena McDonald, the young woman standing behind her was a fellow Hoover worker, Jean Dawson, who incidentally is in the photo I sent you recently of the Cambuslang Sally band. Another coincidence is that the BB photo on that same page has Jean’s brother Willie Dawson.
She lived directly across the street from me in King’s Crescent around 1960 when I seem to remember she had recently returned from Canada. Sheena attended the Salvation Army for a few years in the 50’s. She was a lovely girl and I’m sorry to hear of her illness and passing away.

Bill Nisbet


tn_Colebroke St group.jpg (6502 bytes)
I was given this group photo from Colebroke street.

There are a few faces that I can pick out, but it would be nice if any of the visitors to the site recognise anyone. I lived at 31 Colebroke street which was on the right hand side looking down from the main street from 1952 until the great clearance where we moved to the prefabs in 58 and this was taken at the back court. Some faces I recognise are the Hyslops, Ernie and his sister and brothers in the middle all blonde hair, Jim Flannigan, John Evans to name some, I can remember the disabled chap sitting at the front but not the name.   Jim Gray Oct 2011.

Message to Jim Gray
Jim.......re your query of the group photo taken in Colebroke Street . The disabled young man amongst all the kids was Bertie Brown who was my uncle. He was the youngest son of Hugh and Grace Brown who also had Rosa ( my mother ), Nan and Billy . Bertie died about 30 years ago having moved to Halfway round about 1955. Regards Archie McDougall Jan 2012


tn_stcadocsguild6.jpg (4209 bytes)
St Cadoc's Womens Guild 1962.
Maggie Cunningham (Wee Maggie), front row,
extreme left.
Priest:Father Walsh.

Donated by
Brendan Cunningham
May 2003

Note from Laurie Gordon May 04
The lady 2nd from the left in the top row is my auntie, Mary Kelly. Sitting just in front of her, also wearing glasses, is Jessie McCartney, (on the left) and Mary's sister Nellie
Mc Lyndon

Note from James Miller Sep 2012, The lady sitting on the floor,front row, third from right is my Aunt Mrs Annie Bryceland.

tn_Michael Miles.jpg (5411 bytes) Donated by Colin Keary Nov 2012,

Attached is a photograph taken in the furniture store that was at the corner of Main and Morrison Streets; I think it was called "Benjamin's" but I'm not sure. The man in the middle of the photograph is Michael Miles of "Take Your Pick" fame; a quiz show on the newly-launched ITV. I cannot date the photograph for you but it is in the '60s. My mother, Isabella Keary, was the company book-keeper; she is the lady second from the right. As far as I remember, Miles was there for the opening of the new store.

Note: Bill Nisbet, on 28 Dec 12, says the store's name was Benzies.

Following photos donated by Carol O'Donnell (nee Lindsay) May 2013

Carrigans pub outing. Unfortunately no date or destination.

tn_Carrigans pub outing.jpg (4681 bytes)    Some names here

tn_Carrigans Pub outing again.jpg (6738 bytes)   
tn_FarqsatParkSt.JPG (4926 bytes)
Here is a photo of my dad, John Farquhar, my mum, Janet (Jenny) Farquhar summer 1955, my brother, Neil and I outside our window at 7 Park Street across from the swings and Morrison Church

- George Farquhar August 2013

The following 3 photos were donated by May Young Breen, April 2014 via Facebook
tn_Whitefield Bowling Club 1939.jpg (8652 bytes) tn_Redpath Borown.jpg (9238 bytes) tn_Eastfield School 1935.jpg (9129 bytes)
I have one of the Whitefield bowling club opening 1939 or something like that. My papa Thomas Patrick, my gran Elizabeth Patrick and an aunt Jenny Mulligan are in there somewhere. That's all I know.

You can read a history of the club here

Redpath Brown as you see it's 1931. Back row at the right hand side, 2nd in my grandfather Thomas Patrick. Sorry that's all I know. I just know it is Eastfield school. I think it is about 1935. It's my mums class and she is 3rd row and 3 in to the right. Her name was Elizabeth Patrick. She used to stay in Colbroke street Cambuslang.




Prefabs Arnhem St - Family photos donated by Alan McPhail - Aug 2014 (click here to see story)


tn_arnhemst01.jpg (7606 bytes)   tn_arnhemst02.jpg (6849 bytes)  tn_arnhemst03.jpg (8292 bytes)  tn_arnhemst04.jpg (7578 bytes)  tn_arnhemst05.jpg (5837 bytes)   tn_arnhemst06.jpg (6404 bytes)


Click - 2 Photos donated By Sam Garvie July 2015